Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Tour

Welcome to our home! I really dolled it up this year since K will be visiting for the first time in three months, and also so that it looks homey and warm for potential buyers. I hope you enjoy seeing our decorations!

Every year I get the kids a new ornament. C gets Santas.

And P gets some sort of fairy.

Molly loves it when the tree goes up because she can snuggle up to the baseboard and hide out.

It has been so cold here! As it should be, of course, but this is more like January cold than December cold! I love New England and I do love the cold, except for taking the little one out in it. I have been enjoying our fireplace very much. It puts out quite a lot of heat for a fireplace that's not meant for heating, and I'm happy to go through oil a little slower than usual.