Thursday, January 6, 2011

I hardly know what to do with January.

I guess that says it all! January. January. I don't start off the month with a big, champagne-filled fete -- I have little children, one of whom thinks that 3:30 is party time, so I gotta get my sleep while the gettin's good! This year, I went to bed on New Year's Eve at about 11:15. C decided he was going to stay up, but I heard him go to bed about 5 minutes after I did. Party animals, I tell ya!

I spent New Year's Day putting away Christmas. There has a been some discussion in the blogosphere about "keeper-uppers" and "putter-awayers." I'm normally a keeper-upper, but this year it just made me sad. I had such anticipation of Christmas and preparing for K coming home. But after he was gone, it just reminded me that our visit and the magic and anticipation was over. I so look forward to taking it all out in our new home next year. This was the best Christmas ever, but next year will break the record for Best of All Christmases Ever, Ever, EVAH!

January is such a long month, a long month with no holiday in it. Just at the beginning. I'm not much of a Valentine's Day decorator, but I put up a little heart garland on the mantle just to have something pretty and sparkly since everything else is a little bare. I am keeping the house kinda sparse so that buyers can see themselves here. (C'mon, Buyers!!!) But, yeah, January. Nothing big to decorate for, sew for, craft for, decorate for. I guess that's why all the home organization stuff comes out this month. Might as well pass those long winter days by weeding through your crap! I admit that is a good use for January. Guess I had better get to it.

First I really want to sew a cape for P out this fabric. Cute, right?! Or maybe a little coat like Jane's! That coat in that fabric? Ohhhh..... Does buying more fabric count as organization?