Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Busiest I Have Ever Been!

This has been a busy couple of months, here in my little world. September started with First Friday Weekend at Brocante Bliss, then sharing a booth with some friends at The Fleeting Flea, and last Saturday was The Gathering, a day of workshops and creative ideas up in St. Joseph. Carol Spinski of Raised in Cotton was the guest speaker, and she was so inspiring! She talked about following your bliss, making time to do the things you love, and all those things that are so hard for us women to do sometimes — not because we don't have supportive people in our lives, but because we feel guilty taking the time for ourselves. Or maybe we have been doing other things for other people for so long that we don't even remember how to do what we like. One thing she touched on is branding, for those of us who are trying to build our own businesses. I need to talk to her more about that!

Here are some photos of the day!

I also have been busy, busy making too!

This week I am teaching my very first class at Brocante Bliss! We will be making Halloween paper cones (tussy mussies) to decorate the home or to give away. Then we're back to First Friday Weekend for October!