Friday, August 26, 2011

I’m not going to make any excuse for being away from the blog except to say: hubby got a wonderful new job, new job was far away, hubby moved several states away while we tried to sell the house. Then there was NOT selling the house, waiting month after month, the worst New England winter EVER, still NOT selling the house month after month, getting an offer that fell through AFTER our house was packed and on the moving truck, cat running away and missing for 4 days, driving to our new home, getting kids in school to finish the school year, finding new doctors for little girl, summer break, FINALLY selling the old house, new health issues for little girl, starting school, boy in 6th grade (so a new school), and closing on new house soon.


So a lot has happened. A lot that I feel inspired to write about so I will. I also had a kind friend say that she thought I should get back to it, especially since I have so much to talk about. And hubby likes the way I write too and was encouraging.

The blog is called Children, Cooking, Miracles. There will still be some of each, plus a lot of home stuff as we start to make our new house our own home. I’m sure there will also be some crafty bits and sewing. I have been making some new clothes for the girl, I have some things planned for me, and of course, Christmas is coming! (As I duck the rotten tomatoes you’re throwing!)

So basically, it will all be the same, just more frequent. I hope.