Saturday, May 15, 2010

I blinked

When C was a baby, people would say to me, "Enjoy it, it goes so fast." Yeah, of course, I will! How could I not?

Well, my baby is 10 now, will be 11 at the end of the summer. I realized the other day that I blinked and missed it. I didn't miss it all, of course. I'm a stay-a-home mom, so I was always here. But things get in the way. Moving from a place we hated, struggling here, everything that happened with P, K's unemployment. While I was busy making my way through life and motherhood, I must have missed something because How the Hell Did He Get to Be Ten?!

My boy is truly the most wonderful son anyone could ever ask for. I know you think yours is great, and he is. All of yours are. But mine? Oh, he's beautiful, smart, SMART, funny, VERY FUNNY, generous, kind, devoted to his family, and loves his sister like crazy.

If you're a mother-to-be or a mama with little ones, listen closely. It goes so fast. Enjoy it. And don't blink.

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  1. It sure does go by quickly, Megan! My girls are already on their way to being 3 and 4 !!!