Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Joy of a Proper Bagel




I made bagels! From scratch! They were surprisingly easy and incredibly delicious. I can't get over how easy they were. All of them had flaked salt on them, and then some had poppy seeds, some sesame, and some caraway.

I made one with all three seeds, plus dried rosemary. And then I stood by the counter and ate the whole thing, slathered in raw butter. Well, I did give hubby a bite. We just stared at each other like, “What have I done?!”

I used this recipe, and it could not have been easier. Since I have been here in the Midwest, I have not had a good bagel, i.e. an East Coast bagel. I don’t even know if this qualifies as an East Coast bagel. But it is a delicious, homemade bagel that is chewy on the outside, tender inside, and can be made with whatever flavors you like.

Oh, thank heavens for the dough hook!

Formed, already boiled, and topped with salt and seeds.

Baked and ready to eat! I probably could have let them go another 5 minutes or so, but I didn't want to mess them up!

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